10 Best Cat Breeds With Blue Eyes

The pointed Balinese cat breed has intensely blue eyes. Due to a genetic abnormality in Siamese cats, they have a lengthy coat. They make wonderful family pets since they are witty, entertaining, and affectionate.


Birman cats have long hair, come in 6 different colours, and have white gloves on their paws. Unknown origin, but perhaps French breeding. Compared to Siamese and Balinese cats, they are less chatty and more affectionate.


Siamese and Persian breeds were crossed to create Himalayan cats, which are sometimes mistaken for different varieties. They are loving and lively, with long, thick coats, and blue eyes.


A unusual cat species called Ojos Azules was first discovered in New Mexico in 1984. Despite not having pointed or completely white colouring, their distinctive characteristic is intense blue eyes.

Ojos Azules

Popular cat breeds like Persians are prized for their fluffy coats, adorable personality, and smushed features. Blue eyes are possible in white Persians.


Big blue eyes, relaxed demeanour, and canine-like friendliness characterise ragdoll cats. They do tricks for treats and require a lot of interaction and enrichment activities at home to avoid boredom.


Siamese cats are adored for their beautiful appearance and outgoing personalities. They are talkative, inquisitive, and demand attention with their loud meows. They like cuddling and enjoy being the centre of attention.


Snowshoe cats have blue eyes and white mittened paws that resemble snow. They were produced from the mating of American Shorthairs with Siamese cats. Like Siamese cats, they are talkative, clever, and often bored.

Snowshoe Cat

Turkish Angora cats have long bodies, white coats, and eyes that might be blue, green, gold, amber, or bicolor. They are sociable and require company.

Turkish Angora

Tonkinese is a combination of Siamese and Burmese. Blue, aqua, yellow, and green eyes with a soft pointed coat. affectionate and lively, loud but not as chatty as Siamese.


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