10 connections between zodiac signs and birthstones

Aries is associated with bloodstone or diamond, which symbolize courage and strength.


Taurus is associated with emerald or sapphire, which represent loyalty, love, and faithfulness.


Gemini is associated with pearl or agate, which symbolize communication, harmony, and balance.


Cancer is associated with ruby or moonstone, which represent love, protection, and intuition.


Leo is associated with peridot or onyx, which symbolize confidence, courage, and self-expression.


Virgo is associated with sapphire or carnelian, which represent clarity, intellect, and focus.


Libra is associated with opal or lapis lazuli, which symbolize balance, harmony, and peace.


Scorpio is associated with topaz or malachite, which represent power, passion, and transformation.


Sagittarius is associated with turquoise or amethyst, which symbolize wisdom, spirituality, and enlightenment.


Capricorn is associated with garnet or agate, which represent strength, grounding, and stability.


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