10 Rare Dog Breeds You Probably Haven't Heard Of

The Beauceron, the biggest French sheepdog, guards the home, herd, and family at 70–110 pounds.He takes them to the bathroom.Smart and lively beaucerons. They're rough for beginners.


1930s tamed desert dogs. They worry. They know EVERYTHING. Israel's dog. He's kind. Israeli Red Cross volunteers, guards, messengers, and mine-detectors. Canaan therapy dogs.

Canaan Dog

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Cesky Terrier (Chess-key)

Czechoslovakia, the breed's homeland, inspired the name. A hunter who sought a hunting and family dog created Ceskys from the Sealyham Terrier and Scottish Terrier.

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New Hampshire-bred all-purpose sled dogs are fast and strong. Chinook was the first dog.Chinooks are NH's state dog.This uncommon dog breed is rare in dog parks.


Nobles and queens loved this "royal dog of Madagascar." He's a great buddy. Fans think the Coton de Tulear is friendly and compassionate to people.

Coton de Tulear

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Dandie Dinmont Terrier

In Sir Walter Scott's book "Guy Mannering," one of the hounds was called Dandie Dinmont. Dandies are little yet have tremendous personalities.


Lake dog Romagna. Lagotto Romagnolo truffle hunters have an excellent nose and instinct to discover and retrieve. They hunted in marshes and wetlands from the 17th century.

Lagotto Romagnolo

Saved puffins by Lundehund. six toes on each foot, supple shoulders, and the capacity to bend backward to touch his spine.

Norwegian Lundehund

This old Bedouin and Berber sighthound originated in North Africa. The "Arabian Greyhound" He still hunts everything that interests him.


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Spinone Italiano

Its present name, "Braco Spinoso," means prickly pointer. Possibly the breed's wiry coat or game-hiding brush. Pointing and retrieving make the Spinone Italiano a hunting dog.


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