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10 Signs He's Secretly in Love with You

Observing a guy's behavior can reveal if he loves you. Asking more questions is a sign of affection, as he wants to know more about you and ensure you're happy.

He asks you many questions

A guy who loves you for years and still hides it is husband material. A good man is patient and well-behaved with your family and friends always.

He behaves well with family and friends

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He always asks your friends about you

A simple way to know if a guy loves you: if he's friendly with your friends and asks about you to learn more, he may be interested in spending time with you.

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He talks to his friend about you

If a guy has a crush on you, his friends might treat you differently.  If they tease him and pair you two in conversation, he may love you.


Signs of secret love include willingness to help without expectation.  A guy who goes the extra mile for you is special. Marry him for a successful relationship.

Willingness to help you

Signs a guy secretly loves you: He smiles when he sees you, feels happy when you're happy, focuses only on you in a group, and waits for you.

His faces glow differently for you

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Sometimes he is jealous

A guy's jealousy, strange behavior, and controlling tendencies confirm his feelings for you.  He secretly loves you and wants to be the center of your attention.

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He always responds first

If he responds quickly, helps, and values your opinion, he may secretly love you.  Quick responses are signs of love in disguise.


Man remembering and celebrating special days shows love.  Spend time with him, show feelings, and give confidence for him to open up to you.

He celebrates your special days

Gifting without occasion can indicate love from one side.  When he gives you your favorites, he secretly loves you. He feels happy to gift you.

He gives you surprise gifts

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