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10 Tips for Strong and Healthy Relationships

Money matters should be kept separate from relationships to avoid conflicts.  Discuss your monetary life and address differences to maintain harmony.

Don’t fight over finance

Share everything with your partner and strengthen your relationship.  Set aside time for important conversations and connect on a deeper level.

Share your feelings

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Fix disputes together

Disagreements are normal, essential to bond stronger in couples. Use "we" instead of "I" to solve them, and never worry about how to maintain a relationship.

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Show love and affection

Physical intimacy is important, but holding hands, hugging, and expressing love and care regularly build trust and harmony in a relationship.


Focus on the positive in your relationship: What attracted you to your partner? Treasure that. Encourage each other. Embody positivity for happiness.

Focus on the positive sides

Be a supportive partner, negativity kills happiness - keep your relationship strong by avoiding negative responses and being there for your partner.

Don’t focus on the negative

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Words with deed feelings

Expressing love through actions is crucial for strong relationships. Verbal communication of 'I love you' holds immense importance too.

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Respect each other when fights

Think before you use harsh words in an argument. Ask your partner how they see the problem and support each other. Keep your relationship healthy.


Discuss and plan the future of your relationship together to strengthen your bond and achieve mutual goals.

Set future plans together

Tips to strengthen relationships: Prioritize your partner, practice healthy behaviors, and make efforts to keep each other happy.

Your partner is your priority

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