10 Zodiac signs and their tendencies in conflict resolution

Aries: Tend to be confrontational and direct in conflict, preferring to address issues head-on rather than avoid them.


Taurus: Tend to be stubborn and may be slow to forgive, but can also be patient and understanding.


Gemini: Tend to avoid conflict, but may become defensive or argumentative if pushed too far.


Cancer: Tend to be sensitive and emotional, and may withdraw or become passive-aggressive in conflict.


Leo: Tend to be assertive and confident in conflict, but may struggle to listen to other viewpoints.


Virgo: Tend to be analytical and logical in conflict, preferring to find practical solutions rather than engage in emotional arguments.


Libra: Tend to avoid conflict and seek compromise, but may struggle with decision-making and may be indecisive.


Scorpio: Tend to be intense and passionate in conflict, and may hold grudges if they feel they've been wronged.


Sagittarius: Tend to be optimistic and positive in conflict, but may struggle with sensitivity or empathy.


Capricorn: Tend to be practical and logical in conflict, and may struggle with emotional expression.


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