6 Most High-Strung Zodiac Sign Per Astrologers

Libra loves peace and harmony, thus they shouldn't be too tense.  Their quest for balance might cause overthinking and indecision.

6. Libra

These friendly air signs like humans, but appearances are hard.  Since they're sensitive, Clare says pleasing everyone will exhaust them.

Sagittarius is high strung in a unique way, thriving on excitement and living on the edge, according to astrologer Tara Bennet

5. Sagittarius

These fire signs are always on the go and become stressed when they have to sacrifice their adventurous spirit or slow down

Aries, the first sign, represents new beginnings. "They're not afraid to take risks and try new things, which can be exhilarating—but also nerve-wracking," Clare adds.

4. Aries

They dream large and create goals only they can reach. Bennet tells Best Life that ambitious people can be tense and short-tempered.

It's stressful for Capricorns to succeed early. These earth signs are ruled by Saturn. Self-critical Capricorns can't let go.

3. Capricorn

Some find them stubborn, but they're practical. "Capricorns may put a lot of pressure on themselves to succeed," Clare says.

Scorpio will do anything to get their goal. They want success. Bennet calls them obsessive—they won't stop until everything is done, personal or professional.

2. Scorpio

Beautiful water signs address forbidden issues. They're driven to succeed. Clare advises, "Remember their sting." "Scorpios are vengeful and will let you know."

Virgo might snap anytime. Mercury regulates communication and anxious energy, making them the most nervous sign. Bennet admits they barely relax.

1. Virgo

Virgos obsess on detail and perfection. They struggle to let go and have nervous thoughts. Earth signs are always moving—in their heads.

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