Astrologers List 6 Most Exhausting Zodiac Sign

Working with a Capricorn is harder than being their friend.  They're disciplined and structured, working late at the expense of their personal lives.

6. Capricorn

"Capricorn's work ethic is exhausting for other signs," says Ryan's Astrology founder Ryan Marquardt.

The social butterfly of the zodiac is fun, but sometimes they talk too much or run from party to party. Staying on the Gemini train is exhausting.

5. Gemini

"Like someone who drank too much coffee, the energy rush Gemini feels can't last forever, and the crash is inevitable," says Marquardt.

Sagittarius, like Gemini, is always moving. They want bigger thrills and globe excursions, not simply social interactions.

4. Sagittarius

Marquardt thinks their restlessness makes others anxious since they can't find peace in the moment due to their insatiable thirst for life's adventures.

As the most sensitive sign, "they go from one emotional crisis to the next without skipping a beat," Bennet says.

3. Cancer

Marquardt says people want "constant reassurance from others" to cope with these emotions. Neediness and clinginess are draining and may turn people off.

According to Marquardt, Mercury rules Virgo. This is great in many circumstances, but it can be "annoying and exhausting if nobody asked for their help," he says.

2. Virgo

Capricorns are self-centered. However, Virgos expect others to meet their perfectionist standards, both professionally and personally.

Aries lead alone. They overwork. "Trying to achieve the goals these rams set for you is tireless, with the goalposts continually moving," Bennet adds.

1. Aries

Marquardt again compares this indicator to HIIT. "They come on strong and quick bursts, but they rarely have the stamina to maintain their energy levels."

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