Astrologers List the Most Negative Zodiac Sign

Tauruses are down-to-earth, practical people, but their stubbornness can lead to negativity, says astrologer Marita Andreeva.


Even when they need help, Tauruses rarely ask for it, which can make them seem overly competitive, according to astrology blogger Charlotte Kirsten.

Pisces can romanticize situations and overreact due to their sensitive nature, leading to self-pity.  They internalize criticism and see the glass half-full.


As an emotional water sign, Pisces struggle with boundaries, decision-making, and confrontation.  They feel deeply, making it hard to avoid emotions.

Virgos desire order, structure, and hierarchy. They dislike change, as they anticipate potential negative outcomes before they occur.


Their perfectionist tendencies make them dependable and diligent, yet nitpicky and self-critical, causing anxiety and negative thoughts.

Cancer is the most emotional zodiac sign, empathic and nurturing but also prone to moodiness and insecurity due to their water sign and lunar ruling.


Cancers feel emotions intensely, which can be positive in empathetic situations but detrimental in others if their worries and instincts dominate.

Capricorn, ruled by Saturn, is known for being a disciplined workaholic.  However, they can also be seen as pessimistic, rigid, and unemotional, says Clare.


Capricorns see risks and "what ifs" everywhere, which means they won't participate in impromptu activities, according to Kirsten.

Scorpio is the most negative zodiac sign due to their emotional nature and tendency to bottle up feelings.  Trust issues from past hurt contribute to this.


Scorpios have a skeptical and pessimistic outlook on the world due to their lack of trust and expectation of deceit.

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