Best Colors to Wear on Your First Date Per Expert

Black is perfect for a romantic meal. The most preferred first date hue for all genders and sexualities, it promotes attractiveness, intelligence, and self-confidence.

#1 Black

Red is a common choice for first dates since it draws attention to the wearer. Men are generally drawn to women who wear red, the color of passion.

#2 Red

Blue Persians are affectionate and gentle indoor cats with a quiet demeanor. They have gorgeous blue eyes and prefer serene homes with few changes.

#3 White

Blue is a popular color for first dates as it signifies trust and loyalty. It can also show intelligence and interest in getting to know the person better.

#4 Blue

Pink is a popular color for women on a first date. It's feminine, sweet, and symbolizes love and compassion, making it an attractive choice for a romantic occasion.

#5 Pink

Purple is perfect for a fancy date. It signifies royalty and luxury, and a purple outfit conveys romance without being attention-grabbing.

#6 Purple

Gray is a simple and versatile color that works well for a first date outfit. It's neutral and practical, making it an appealing choice for both men and women.

#7 Gray

Yellow is a happy color that can put your date in a good mood. People wearing yellow are seen as cute and gentle, making it a great first impression.

#8 Yellow

Wearing green on a first date can represent health and vitality, as well as kindness and youth. Green stands out more than neutrals but is less vivid than red or yellow.

#9 Green

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