Bonding with Your Service Dog for Success

Spending quality time with your service dog can help strengthen your bond and improve communication.

Spend quality time together:

Using positive reinforcement, such as treats or praise, can help reinforce good behavior and encourage bonding.

Use positive reinforcement:

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Training sessions:

Regular training sessions can help improve communication and understanding between you and your service dog.

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Playtime is an important way to bond with your service dog and have fun together.


Physical touch, such as petting or hugging, can help build trust and deepen your bond.

Physical touch:

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Establish routines

Establishing routines and schedules can help your service dog feel more comfortable and secure.


1. Taking breaks together can help prevent burnout and maintain a healthy relationship.

Take breaks:

Learning your service dog's body language can help you understand their needs and improve communication.

Learn their body language

Being patient and understanding can help build trust and improve your bond with your service dog.

Be patient

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Go on adventures:

Going on adventures together, such as hikes or walks, can help strengthen your bond and create positive memories.


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