Incorporating Cats into Group Therapy Sessions

First, make sure that incorporating cats into therapy sessions is appropriate for your clients and their needs

Evaluate if it's appropriate

Assess clients' comfort level with cats and determine if anyone has allergies or fears.

Assess clients' comfort level

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Choose a calm and friendly cat

Choose a cat that is calm and friendly, and has experience interacting with people.

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Plan the logistics

Plan how the cat will be incorporated into the session, such as whether the cat will be allowed to roam or stay in a designated area.


Educate clients on how to properly interact with the cat, including how to approach, pet, and handle the cat.

Educate clients

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Ensure safety

Ensure the safety of both clients and the cat by setting clear boundaries and guidelines for interaction.


Use the cat as a tool to facilitate therapy, such as using the cat to help clients practice mindfulness or relaxation techniques.

Use the cat as a tool

Allow clients to express their emotions and thoughts about the cat and use these interactions to explore deeper issues in therapy.

Allow clients to express emotions

Observe clients' reactions to the cat and use their responses as a starting point for discussion and exploration in therapy.

Observe clients' reactions

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Incorporate the cat into therapy 

Incorporate the cat into therapy goals, such as using the cat to help clients build trust or practice social skills.


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