Mastering Positive First Date Body Language Cues

Is everything okay? He or she laughed at my jokes and didn't depart when I called myself a fun-gi. “Am I clean?” On your first date, you might think in the bathroom.


 Sure, what people say is a good indicator of how they feel (unless they’re politicians), but if you want to know how your date is going, the first date body language clues will suffice.


 How To Assess Your Date’s First Date Body Language Before we begin, remember that body language indications of attraction are not set in stone and are likely not as black and white as you believe.


 A person’s body language is influenced by a variety of things, and just because they appear tense does not necessarily mean they aren’t interested in you.


 Perhaps they’re fidgety by nature, or perhaps they’re one of those introverts who despise making eye contact (don’t we all relate to some extent?).


 One of the most clear signals that someone likes you is when their feet are subconsciously pointed toward you. However, if their feet are pointing toward an exit, let’s just say you need to step it up a notch.


During your date, maintain eye contact. In other news, water is dripping. Although we are all aware of this, try not to gaze at your date the entire evening.  


 Nonetheless, eye contact isn’t as black and white as you might think. There could be several explanations for the lack of eye contact.


 During a first date, a person’s face contains enough information to tell you everything you need to know. No, people don’t think you’re dull because you’re wearing a phony smile.


 It is all about the overall vibe of a person’s first date body language. The golden rule is that if it feels wonderful, it most likely was.


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