Signs it's Time to End Your Relationship

You're not actually attracted to him, but he treats you well. It will get harder to sleep with him, so end it now.


 You go out with him because you feel like you’re “supposed to”. Don’t date him if you’re not enjoying it.


He and you have polar opposite goals in life. Resentment may happen, so it’s best to end it before it gets worse.


 He doesn’t act like he’s attracted to you, but treats you well otherwise. Cut things off before your self-esteem dies.


 You know you don’t want to end up with this person permanently. Don’t do it if you’re holding out for someone “better”.


You can’t introduce them to your family or friends without embarrassment. A big sign your relationship is doomed.


 Your go-to description for your partner is “He’s so nice…” Your partner should be more than just nice.


 You’re just not happy with him no matter how hard you try. It’s okay to be honest and say it’s time to move on.


 You regularly debate whether you should stay single or not. Re-evaluate things if you don’t feel comfortable or treated well.


Your friends try to talk you out of dating them. Listen to them, they may be onto something.


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