These Zodiac Signs Are Most Likely to Live a Secret Life

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We all keep things to ourselves that we wouldn't want anybody else to know, but a double existence is something else entirely.

Continue reading to discover which signs of the zodiac are most likely to conduct a double life, ranging from being a little bit devious to being complete con artists.

Scorpios value their privacy greatly, therefore if they need to use an alias to avoid being discovered, they will.


They are extremely strategic, which helps them in organizing their covert lives and keeping their identities hidden.

Even people who are closest to Scorpios won't be able to track their every move. Keeping themselves safe online, they will rely on a trove of passwords and a barrage of emails.

Cancers are elusive because, like crabs, they prefer to go about their business at night, when few people would encounter them.


Be prepared to be shocked by a Cancer, either by their guilty enjoyment or by something much more terrible.

They may be experts at hiding the fact that they have a dual identity, one in which they are the nurturing parent and the other in which they are the romantic partner.

His earth sign has a reputation for being secretive and reserved, but he or she actually has a dark side and may be nasty.


Capricorns have a great drive for success and an obsessive, strategic, authoritative personality that makes them prime candidates for being serial killers.

Capricorns are experts at disguising their own emotions, and they are willing to kill in the name of love, loyalty, and the safety of their families.

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