These Zodiac Signs Are Saddest Of All

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It's possible that astrology has a role in the tendency of certain people to wear their emotions on their sleeves a little more than others.

Continue reading to learn about the zodiac signs that are the most depressed, ranging from a slight sadness to a full-blown depression.

A Scorpio's magnetic charisma is frequently misread. This water sign may come off as intense in a different way, yet behind the surface lies a wealth of feeling. 


Even if it's just over spilt milk, they act as if their pet was taken away. When disappointing or breaking bad news to a Scorpio, it's best to do so gently.

A Scorpio's emotional roller coaster might leave them in heated tears one minute and entirely at peace the next.

Pisces have a tendency to "take on the feelings of others and internalize them" since they are so sensitive and empathic.


They are the first to shed a tear at any given moment and have likely never seen a movie on an airplane without a full-on sob fest.

Be prepared to give a hug after seeing just about anything, and keep a close eye out for sentimental advertisements, if you want to win over this sign.

It should come as no surprise that Cancers, noted for their nurturing nature and highly sensitive personalities, are the saddest of all the zodiac signs.


When confronted with challenging emotions or experiences, their heightened sensitivity may cause them to feel overwhelmed and unhappy.

Because Cancers are so devoted to their families, separation from them can cause them to cry themselves to sleep.

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