Tiny Things Men Who Dig You Do Differently

Guys do strange things to impress chicks. They may vomit during meals. They may attempt the "blasting music from a stereo at 3 AM until the cops get called" tactic.

Most males aren't. They exhibit interest subtly. People like myself and many others have trouble seeing little signs of interest.

Guys do several things differently around girls they like. The following are signs that a man likes you.

Studies show that men who like a woman speak louder than when chatting to a friend or a woman they don't like. They may be "softening up" to seem less scary.

Know how guys joke about being "lame" around girls? That's usually because guys don't know what to say to a female they like without seeming lame, which is sort of charming.

Many males do this around woman they like. They need affirmation, but they also want to know you won't bite their skulls.

 Don’t ask why, but other studies also showed men who want to get a girl’s interest will walk slower than guys who are not into women. Go figure.

 Studies show that men who are near beautiful women are way more likely to take risks than men who are near other men. The reason why is that it makes their testosterone surge.

I'll simply say that some guys only respect women as persons if they're sexually attracted or compensated by them. He may be a jerk if he ignores other ladies when they speak to him.

Part of how to tell if a guy likes you may include him changing his behavior. This is because guys tend to know that acting like a tool will not get you laid.

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