Toxic habits that ruin relationships

When people stop investing time and energy into a relationship, it inevitably ends.


It's possible that the reasons why your girlfriend left you were caused by your mistakes.


When the issues of one partner are disregarded, it has a negative impact on the other relationship.


Infidelity on the part of one of the partners may be directly responsible for the dissolution of the relationship.


It is impossible to disregard the unhappy mood that the other person is exhibiting.


A lack of respect might give a person the impression that they are being ignored or forgotten.


It is not appropriate to behave in a way that is disrespectful toward one's partner in marriage.


Criticizing your partner will almost certainly lead to feelings of resentment on their part.


The practice of stonewalling is one of the most dependable indicators of the collapse of a relationship.


If one partner is possessive of the other or unduly dependent on the other, the relationship will disintegrate.


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