Zodiac Shoes: Which Pair Matches Your Sign?

Aries are notorious for marching through crowds, dominating fashion, and scaring those who try to tone down their zeal. Aries superpowers activate when they put on Docs.


Tauruses have the best shoe collections because they are picky. They want style and comfort without sacrificing function. Birkenstock, the high-end Taurus brand.


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Geminis are adaptable and quick to start things. The Adidas Superstar's three black stripes channel Gemini vitality.

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Cancer—admit it. If you're even more of a homebody than the average Cancer, putting on your shoes and leaving is perhaps the worst part of your day. With Cloud Slides, you don't need to leave the house.


The sun rules Leo in astrology. Leo's exuberant flair is captured by the Nike Air Jordan. If this 1985 shoe hadn't been released, sneaker culture may not exist today.


Virgo likes simple, functional, and memorable attire. Superga, one of the world's most prominent, culturally rich, and fashion-forward Italian shoe manufacturers, has a place in history.


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Libras have many social events, but without supportive shoes, their feet might tire. However, Libra is ruled by Venus, the planet of love and luxury, so their shoes must be as well-designed as their outfit.

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Scorpios are acute, intriguing, classic, and dark. Scorpios should own a pair of stylish derby shoes, like Clarks' Orianna Derby shoe.


Sagittarius, the sign of travel, experiences, and exploration, needs reliable shoes for their various journeys. Sag people pack all their belongings in a carry-on and travel light, so they require sneakers that won't give them blisters. 


Capricorns usually look good. Therefore, sea goats need G.H. Bass Weejuns. They showcase Capricorns' inner fashionista and make them appear knowledgeable experts. 


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Wearing Chuck Taylor All Stars shows that you're a cool, retro-loving renegade. When it was launched in 1922 as a more adaptable basketball shoe, this iconic sneaker—available in low- and high-top—set several trends.


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