Zodiac Sign Most Likely to Leave You at Altar

Virgos concentrate over minutiae and are sensitive to flaws.  They are critical of themselves and are ready to abandon goals that fall short of perfection.

6. Virgo

Anxiety-prone Virgos have a tendency to imagine the worst-case scenario.  Their proclivity to discover defects might lead to overwhelm and rash behavior.

Attention-seeking Leo may have difficulty committing since they may flee if something goes wrong at the altar.

5. Leo

If they have doubts about their partner's presence, Leos may depart first, even if it means losing the relationship.

Gemini overthinks and worries about not being liked by others. They struggle with commitment and are easily swayed.

4. Gemini

Gemini dislikes being confined and may abandon you at the altar. Their restlessness and desire for novelty can strain relationships.

Aquarius is distant and unique, thus marriage is a major matter for them.  They despise tradition and prefer individuality.

3. Aquarius

Aquarians excel at compartmentalization and prioritizing their own emotions.  They value individualism and are willing to delegate chaos management.

 Aries prioritizes individual progress over relationship completion.  They strive to make their spouse the finest version of themselves.

2. Aries

Aries values individuality and requires interdependence in partnerships.  They may shun commitment and seek a prenuptial agreement for protection.

Sagittarius dislikes commitment and may change their mind about marriage, making them the most likely to quit.

1. Sagittarius

Their yearning for adventure and fresh experiences makes commitment hard. They'll go with the first question.

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