Zodiac Signs That Are Most Afraid of Commitment

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If you've been on many dates, you know that people's views on commitment can vary widely. Some people are ready to make a long-term commitment after only a month of dating.

The signs of the zodiac, from the cautiously selective to the real commitment-phobes, are revealed by astrologers.

Someone who is a Virgo is someone who is very critical, and as a result, they can have a tremendously difficult time when it comes to making commitments.


They will speak up if something isn't working for them and remove themselves from any environment where they feel uncomfortable.

A Virgo person always wants everything in their life to be ideal, and if something isn't working out, they don't want to be tied down to it.

The Twins' sign, Gemini, is characterized by a dual personality. When that happens, making a commitment becomes extremely difficult.


This sign is known for its versatility, so it's understandable if they worry about getting stuck in a relationship that limits their potential for development.

They may also have problems committing to something long-term since they struggle with decision-making.

The Aquarius sign tends to be independent and uncommitted relationships are simply not in their nature.


This sign places a high priority on individuality and finds the prospect of committing to another person to be somewhat daunting.

They can be concerned about losing their independence and being unable to pursue their own hobbies and interests as a result.

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