Zodiac Signs That Are Most Clever 

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It's not always difficult to identify the brightest minds in a group. They are never at a loss for words and want to impart their wisdom on others.

Continue reading to learn which sign in the zodiac is the smartest, from the casually canny to the supremely smart.

Intelligent and analytical, Virgos like dissecting every facet of life. You want folks like them on your side because of how good they are at solving problems. 


Since Mercury governs communication and the mind, these earth signs are quick to show off their intelligence.

Because of their intelligence and ability to plan ahead, Virgos are great at keeping their word even when they talk a big game.

They are also quite self-reliant and self-assured, both of which contribute to their overall level of intelligence and offer them an edge over others.


If an Aries follows their instincts without questioning it, they will reap the benefits of beginner's luck and be successful.

This sign of the fire element is courageous and daring, and they are not afraid to step up to the plate when others have a need for their assistance.

It's no wonder that Geminis are the smartest of the zodiac signs given how fast they are and how easily they pick up new information. 


This sign of the air is continually learning new things and expanding their mental toolkit because of it.

The mental agility and capacity of Gemini to simultaneously envision a number of different scenarios both contribute to the sign's cunning edge.

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