Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely to Cry in Public

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It's frustrating if your boss doesn't like your concept or your pal doesn't notice your new haircut, but does it merit a meltdown? Some horoscopes do.

Astrologers say these zodiac signs are most likely to cry in public, from those who tear up at sentimental things to those who cry for no reason.

They have no trouble displaying their feelings and letting you know how you've hurt or upset them. They have no problem wearing their emotions on their faces.


They have a reputation for being passionate, and as a result, they hunger for profound and powerful feelings and emotions.

If you don't meet their expectations, they may exhibit negative emotions such as "breaking plates, showing anger, and crying, of course."

Perhaps more than any other sign, Pisces has an innate ability to "pick up on the energies and feelings of those around them."


But that's a lot of feelings to take on, and for these sensitive Fish, who often feel like they carry the world on their shoulders, it can be too much.

If they see another person crying, it will trigger their own emotional response. If they witness animals being in distress, they will weep as well.

Their emotions run so deep that even they do not always comprehend what is taking place within them.


While they may be the most emotional sign, Cancers' sensitivity and empathy make them vulnerable to mood swings. 

They'll cry if you tell them you're getting married. A picture of your new pet will bring them to tears. However, when they are enraged, things become quite dangerous.

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