Zodiac Signs That Are Most Likely to Seek Revenge

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There are individuals who can shrug off slights, but there are also those who will go ballistic like Carrie Underwood if they are offended.

Continue reading to learn which signs of the zodiac are most prone to desire vengeance, ranging from a little bit spiteful to exceedingly vindictive.

Even though Cancers are known to be empathetic and nurturing by nature, you shouldn't fall for their tricks because they are bent on getting their own back.


As the Moon governs our unconscious mind and emotions, Cancers have a hard time keeping their feelings in check.

Cancers' moods swing with the Moon's phases, and there are moments when they have no control over their emotions. 

You might want to avoid an angry Taurus at all costs, and if you're the one who made them angry in the first place, you should take extra precautions.


They will take their time making you pay if you disobey this bullish sign.A hurt Taurus won't jump to revenge right away.

They won't express it, but they'll keep harboring resentment," she continues. They may be able to forgive in time, but they certainly won't forget.

Scorpios are notorious for harboring resentment for long periods of time, eventually boiling over and taking it out on everyone who stands in their way.


Until you beg for forgiveness on your knees, they will ensure that your anguish, shame, and trauma are unending.

If you harm a Scorpio or one of their loved ones, don't expect forgiveness, no matter how much you beg.

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