Zodiac Signs That Are Most Mocked 

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Most of us try not to be cruel, but we all have moments where we can't help but poke fun at someone else's expense. 

Continue reading to find out which signs of the zodiac are the most subjected to ridicule, ranging from being easy to make fun of to being nearly impossible to avoid.

What's most amusing about Leos is that they "will never be aware that they are being mocked, as to them, they are also the center of the universe."


Leos tend to take other people's laughing at face value, even if it isn't always intended as a compliment.

Leos can be so preoccupied with themselves that they lose touch with reality, so it's not surprise that others don't always take kindly to them.

Geminis have a dual nature that might make them appear two-faced or fake because they are born under the sign of the twins.


It's not uncommon for them to be the subject of teasing and rumors. Worse, they are huge blabbermouths themselves.

People are more inclined to make fun of Gemini directly in front of them, turning the situation into a playful exchange of insults as opposed to an act of pure hatred.

Awful Cancer. They already held the title of most criticized zodiac sign, but now they now have the title for being the most obnoxious.


No one loves a baby that constantly cries, and Cancer is all too familiar with the feeling of being so overcome by emotion that it prevents them from doing anything.

People who get a kick out of making fun of others will go to great lengths to annoy Cancers (which isn't difficult to do) "for the sake of dark entertainment."

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