Zodiac Signs That Are Most Oblivious 

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A person's apparent recklessness or cruelty may actually stem from their inability to comprehend the impact of their actions on others.

In this article, astrologers will share their insights on the zodiac signs that tend to be the most forgetful, from mildly forgetful to totally disoriented.

The trouble with Libras is that they care too much about what other people think and do everything they can to make everyone happy except listen to their own intuition.


They place an excessive amount of emphasis on debating pros and cons, to the point that they are unable to consistently see the end result or the bigger picture.

They may appear uninterested in their guests since they are preoccupied with ensuring that everyone has a drink at the party.

The perceptive Piscean. However, as water signs are so sensitive, they have a tendency to let their emotions and daydreams cloud their judgment.


They might take the wrong bus and end up on the opposite side of town, where they might mistakenly believe it's Saturday and thus decide to skip work.

Pisces is the archetype of the forgetful person who you would hear jokes about, which is something that Alta brings up.

In the zodiac, Aquarians stand out as the eccentric rebels who aren't afraid to voice their opinions to everyone who'll listen. 


Barretta said of these people, "They prefer to shock people and are completely ignorant of just how'shocking' they may be at times.

When they seem utterly checked out, you can bet they spent time dreaming and devising a better method to do things or how they will start a new fashion trend.

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