Zodiac Signs That Are Obsess Over Their Ex

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Some people may have a more difficult time than others letting go of a loved one after a breakup, especially if they had no desire for the relationship to end.

Maybe astrology can provide some light on the matter. Find out which signs of the zodiac are most likely to get too attached to, if not obsessed with, their former partners.

Checking an ex's social media after a breakup is a common way to reassure oneself that they came out on top.


"A Leo's self-assured attitude extends to their romantic relationships, where they assume their exes will never find happiness elsewhere," she says.

Leos have a tendency to keep tabs on their exes' social lives in order to ensure that they are not being overshadowed by their former partners.

A Piscean's heart will melt for anyone who treats them with kindness and compassion. As one of the more sentimental and delicate zodiac signs,


This water sign has a habit of keeping tabs on an ex after a breakup in the vain goal of winning them back.

Because of this, people frequently become preoccupied with "what could have been" in a previous relationship rather than the unpleasant realities of the situation.

Can you blame Scorpios for having a soft spot for romance? This generous sign will fall in love quickly, but it will be difficult for them to go on.


They are the most prone of all zodiac signs to become obsessed with an ex-lover, seizing any opportunity to learn more about their whereabouts whenever possible.

They'll do anything to safeguard a close relationship. However, this may lead to complications in the event of a breakup.

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