Zodiac Signs That Will Be Always Late

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The sinking feeling of panic that sets in when you realize you're going to be horribly late to something is probably something you've never felt if you're more of a type-A personality.

Continue reading to learn about the zodiac signs that are consistently late, ranging from being just a little bit late to being the very last person at every celebration.

This sign has a poor sense of time because of its carefree and independent character. They don't place a high value on making plans.


Did you realize that time is only something we made up? They will be OK without timepieces, as the vast majority of humanity has survived without them.

You might need to start convincing the Sagittarians in your life that the event actually begins an hour sooner than it does.

Geminis are multitasking social butterflies. They are constantly on the move, between their main job, their side gig, and their social obligations.


They'll be outside chit-chatting with a stranger for 20 minutes before making their way to the place where they're needed.

There's no point in trying to force this social signal to adhere to a strict timeline; they'll always move at their own pace.

No matter the conditions, this air sign is always late. They are chronically late for major life occasions, such as their sister's birthday or their partner's office party.


They have a habit of becoming lost in their own heads and forgetting that they need to be physically there at any given time.

Don't waste your breath trying to change this symptom of forgetfulness; it won't happen.

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