Zodiac Signs Which Has Innocent and Pure Hearts

Aries, the first zodiac sign, is naive, yet they stay pure by being themselves and without lying. They can be overbearing but worry about being taken seriously.

#1 Aries

Cancer is the third sign and second most innocent. Their shell hides their innocence and vulnerability. They're innocent and home-seeking in love. They love naively.

#2 Cancer

Virgos are honest, pure, and innocent. Though not always innocent, they do what's right. They're the third-most innocent zodiac sign.

#3 Virgo

Capricorns are the 4th most innocent zodiac sign due to their honesty, sincerity, and positivism. They may appeal to others' sympathies with their innocence.

#4 Capricorn

Taurus is the 5th most innocent zodiac sign. Their honesty and childlike behavior make them genuine and down-to-earth. They are trustworthy and safe.

#5 Taurus

9th zodiac sign Sagittarius is 6th most innocent. They shun responsibilities, which frustrates others. Their erratic conduct is misinterpreted, but they value family life.

#6 Sagittarius

Pisces is the 12th zodiac sign and known for being innocent in love. They enjoy life's pleasures and don't worry about things they can't control.

#7 Pisces

Aquarius may seem innocent but they hide their not-so-innocent side well, confusing people. They dislike intrusion and may act innocent to deflect attention.

#8 Aquarius

Libras may appear innocent but they'll manipulate to achieve love & balance. Their behavior is not obvious, so they often get away with it.

#9 Libra

The most innocent sign is Gemini, third from the top and bottom. Their hypocrisy, deceit, and manipulation make them one of the most disliked zodiac signs.

#10 Gemini

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