Zodiacs Behavior When They’re Sick

When someone attempts to speak to them, they become irritable and snap at them.


As soon as the first symptom appears, they stress out and run to the doctor immediately.


However, they still have the stamina to hang out with their buddies after calling in sick to work.


They adamantly deny being ill. They appear to be in excellent health and do not require medical attention.


They gorge themselves on OTC medication. They avoid going to the doctor as long as they can since it's too pricey and troublesome.


Despite the fact that they are miserable the entire time, they push themselves to put up with it and start working.


They suddenly get restless and want to create a million plans and travel to a million different locations. They yearn to be anyplace but their bed when they are bound to it.


They constantly lament their illnesses. They ensure that everyone is aware of how much they are struggling.


They anticipate being coddled by their lover (or their parents) with soup and soft blankets.


They stay in bed all day and night. They don't bother to take a shower or get dressed out of their pyjamas.


Their illness serves as justification for their laziness. They prolong it as much as they can.


The parent is empathetic while yet being strict, seeing the value of training their kid in morals and proper behaviour. They are aware of the implications of behaving otherwise, yet they are not overly rigid or aggressive.


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